Why We Are Different

From Others

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3D Environment

  We create a 3D environment for you. This is exactly what happens in a real-life event that we present to you on a virtual 3D platform.

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You can customize your stall, meeting room, and other objects to your like, such as - 

  • Your graphical content

  • Banners

  • Promo videos

  • Your company profile

  • Your company Documents

  • Stall color

  • 3D stall

  • etc.

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Many Integrations L ike

E-commerce, Voucher & Food Delivery

Multivendor E-Commerce

You will find each of the features available on an e-commerce platform at an event called Multi-vendor e-commerce

Trade Products

Able to Trade Products as like your preferences

Product Order

You can order the products as per your choice

Home Delivery

You can avail the home delivery facility by our system

Food Delivery

You can order food and then get the food delivery

Vouchers, Discounts, Deals

You van generate vouchers, offer discounts and deals to boost your business

Multi Workshops

We Provide Various types of Multi Workshops like -

  • Live Webinar

  • File Sharing

  • Chatting

  • Interactive Sessions

  • Recorded Files

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Avatar Build Up

You can build your customized 3D characters (e.g., boy, girl, corporate or casual) to your liking and navigate the entire virtual area.

Detailed Customer Journey

Reporting System

We Keep Track of,

  • How many visitors came to an event.

  • How many stall visits.

  • How many exhibitors there were.

  • And many more.

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Live Studio Setup

We have a live studio set up for live video hosting where we can shoot live on the green screen, add motion graphical content, and broadcast live.

Mobile APP & WEB Platform

We release virtual events on these platforms

  • WebGL (Web Version)

  • Desktop (Windows & Mac) 

  • Mobile App (Android & iOS) 

  • Counselor (Web Version) 

  • Counselor (Windows & Mac)

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HD Streaming & Video Conference

We provide the highest quality stream support when you host a live event or live webinar.

We have a variety of video conferencing tools to broadcast a webinar or event like: 

Zoom Meeting

Skype Video Conferencing

Google Hangouts

Facebook Live

Chatting & Video Streaming Services

At an event, visitors can visit any stall and chat live with the company or have a live video conference.

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Media Server Integration

We store your media content as such as - Audio, Video, Various documents etc.

& our media server can be any device with network access with enough bandwidth for sharing and storing media.